öKOENERGIE Beteiligungs GmbH

Ökoenergie project development is a competence center for the development of wind parks, hydropower plants and photovoltaic plants. It focuses on the development and planning of wind park projects from initial conventionalization to the turn-key plant. The many successfully completed wind parks, biomass, hydropower and photovoltaic projects are testament to their skilled approach.

Ökoenergie operations management has been responsible for the operation of the group’s entire portfolio of power plants since 1996. They are currently in charge of 94 wind parks, their own as well as third party sites. They also hold a stake in 3 biomass thermal power plants, 4 photovoltaic installations and one small hydropower plant, all of which transform natural energy resources into green electricity and thermal energy. www.oekoenergie.com

Richard Kalcik (born 1970) is one of the founding shareholders of Oekoenergie GmbH and Managing Director of the company covering all commercial areas. In this function he also holds responsibility for the economic and financial aspects of all completed and current development projects and is responsible for a project pipeline of more than 700 MW. Mr. Kalcik is also Managing Director of AAE Naturstrom Vertrieb GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of renewable energy in Austria. As the technically competent and responsible partner for wind energy he provides his know-how and experience in this area to REENAG and its respective development projects and investments.